our Most Critical Update ever


“I MADE MORe THaN $140,000 IN a SINGLE HOUR...”

Hi, I’m Mike Ward, coming to you live from Toronto, Canada, with a critical IPO update.

Right now, I’m mere blocks from the spot where, just a few weeks ago, Curaleaf went public… shattering records and creating $4.5 billion in new wealth for investors in a matter of hours.

But Curaleaf is just the latest in the line of record-breaking cannabis IPOs that have hit the industry over the last 12 months.

This trend is accelerating every day.

Back in December 2018, we’d found 77 different, everyday people who’d grossed $1 million or more from the cannabis industry. Today, our estimates confidently put that number at more than 239.

And these are regular people just like you and me.
I’m talking about…

2019 has been a banner year for cannabis IPOs, just like we predicted last December.

But we never could have imagined the seismic change we’ve seen in this industry.

Within 35 days, we could see up to 10 private cannabis companies go public.

One is a tiny cannabis company with a revolutionary process for refining extracts from hemp and marijuana plants.

Now, when I say revolutionary, I mean it.

Its process reduces the upfront extraction costs by more than 72%... and its production pipeline includes fully operational plants in Los Angeles, Kentucky, South Carolina, and Florida, with many more on the way.

It’s an unbeatable advantage. 

And with CVS and Walgreens rolling out CBD products in thousands of stores nationwide since March, the industry’s sure to go nuts over it.

But this company is just the beginning.

From cannabis growers to financing, to real estate firms, to companies creating cannabis-infused foods and drinks… they’re all planning IPOs in as soon as the next five weeks.

Any of these companies are capable of shattering all the records and generating $5 billion or more for investors the day they go public.

Each of these IPOs has the potential profit to create dozens – or perhaps hundreds – of new millionaires before Labor Day.

We’ll talk more about these IPOs in a moment – and how you can take advantage of them – even if you've never invested a dollar in your life.

But first, let me introduce myself…

I'm the founding director of the National Institute for Cannabis Investors.

And for the last few months, we’ve been watching a mega-trend that can only be described as mind-boggling.

We’ve seen dozens of tiny cannabis companies go public.

Even the most modest of these IPOs have posted incredible gains for early investors.

Halo Labs has seen gains of 215% from its post-IPO low.

Planet 13, more than 445%... MediPharm returned more than 700% in the first seven months since its IPO.

But that’s nothing compared to some of the other successful IPOs we’ve seen.

Willow Biosciences went public on April 15.

Early investors were up 500% before the market closed that day.

Or look at TransCanna – a cannabis distribution company in California.

It IPO'ed on January 8 at just 50 cents a share. By the end of trading on January 9, the price had doubled.

Today, it’s trading for $6.46.

That’s a 1,192% return in less than six months.


When Canopy Growth – the world’s largest cannabis company – IPO’ed in 2014, it took them more than four years to post those kinds of gains.

So you can see just how quickly profits from some of these IPOs are accelerating.

Which is why we made the trip to Toronto from our headquarters outside of D.C.

Because so many of these billion-dollar companies – both from the U.S. and Canada – have gotten their start right here in this city.

And we wanted to be in the beating heart of things.

It’s also the home of Danny Brody, the world’s foremost expert on cannabis IPOs.

Danny is a member of the advisory board at the National Institute for Cannabis Investors.

And he was one of the first venture capitalists to see the amazing potential of the marijuana market.

He's personally helped mastermind some of the most successful cannabis IPOs in history.

His fund was behind Emblem, which went from its initial offering price of $1.15 a share to $3.98 on its first day of trading.

Emblem Corp.

He also helped orchestrate the Green Organic Dutchman IPO.

When that company went public in May 2018, early investors immediately saw almost 300% gains over the offering price.

By September, they were up 790%, with The Green Organic Dutchman trading for $10.24 a share.

Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd.

At the time, it was the largest cannabis IPO in history.

Danny Brody has invited us into his home today to help us break down this enormous wave of opportunity and explain how you could become one of the new cannabis IPO millionaires.

Danny, thanks for having us up here today.

Mike, it's my pleasure. Thank you for making the trip.

Now, Danny, you're really the ultimate insider when it comes to pot IPOs.

Over the last two years, your IPOs have generated more than $2.2 billion in new wealth for investors.

In fact, you’re working on another one as we speak that’s going to IPO in 2020.

I’m sure people will be hearing all about that in the months to come because your track record is nothing short of incredible.

And this market could not be hotter.

You're absolutely right about that, Mike.

This market could not be hotter.

Just look at the kinds of returns people have been seeing.

Blueberries Medical went public on February 6, with the first investors getting in at just 25 cents a share.

By March, it was up 255%.

Blueberries Medical

Cannabix went from 14 cents on IPO day to $4.18.

That's a 2,782% gain.

Cannabix Technologies Inc.

So for every $1,000 you put in on IPO day, you could have walked away with more than $28,000 today.

Cannabix Technologies Inc.

This is the only time in history that you can get in for pennies a share and make tens of thousands of dollars.

This is truly incredible.

Now Danny, the last time I interviewed you back in December, this is exactly the kind of thing you told us to expect.

And you believe all this is just a drop in the bucket compared to what’s coming in the second half of 2019.

So tell me, for folks who aren't familiar with this…

What exactly is an IPO?

And what is it about cannabis that makes these IPOs such a unique opportunity right now?

That's easy, Mike. 

IPO stands for initial public offering. It's when a company's stock first goes on sale to the public.

Most of the time – for successful IPOs – it's the cheapest price you'll ever pay to own an up-and-coming landmark company.

These are red-hot businesses. Many are rapidly growing, with incredibly loyal customer bases.

And you get the chance to buy shares for far less than what you’d pay in a few years, or in some cases just a few months.

That's why I get so excited for IPOs.

Just look at Village Farms.

It’s a grower with a massive state-of-the-art greenhouse and huge distribution network.

Its stock has been on an absolute tear this year.

Just from February to March, it went from $7.29 a share all the way up to $16.25.

That's a 123% gain.

Village Farms Intl.

$10,000 would have become $22,000 in less than three months.

That alone is fantastic…

But if you’d bought at the post-IPO low, you could have gotten in at just 67 cents a share.

By the end of March, $10,000 would have left you sitting on more than $361,000.

Village Farms Intl.

So, getting in just after the IPO would have made you 15 times more money than getting in later on.

Absolutely. And there are dozens more examples just like that.

Look at Aphria.

It’s a medical marijuana company based in Leamington, Canada.

Last year, Aphria went from a low of $7.90 to over $24.


That's a 213% gain.

That’s incredible.

But in the first two days after it IPO'ed, you could have gotten in for 66 cents.

If you'd put in $2,000 at that price, this year you could have walked away with $75,000.


Namaste Technologies IPO'ed for 11 cents a share. Now it's traded as high as $4.40.

That's a 3,900% gain – 40 times your money.

Putting in $1,500 on IPO day would have made you $60,000…

Namaste Technologies Inc.

Or look at Cronos Group.

Today, it is one of the largest cannabis companies on Earth.

But after it IPO’ed, you could have gotten in at a low of just 14 cents a share.

So when it hit a high of $32.95 on February 4, you’d have been looking at returns as high as 23,435%.


Danny, are you telling me that this year anyone could have put in $1,000 and walked away with more than $230,000?


Absolutely, and $10,000 would have left them sitting on more than $2.3 million.


From a single investment?

You can’t be serious. I’ve never seen anything like this.

I am completely serious.

Imagine investing $10,000 on a single stock and retiring a millionaire just weeks after the IPO.

That's a once-in-a-lifetime investment.

One-tenth of that is a once-in-a-lifetime investment.


Now... imagine what it would feel like to be making your third, fourth, tenth, or twelfth once-in-a-lifetime investment in a year.

That's the kind of potential we're looking at right now… one, two, even three times a MONTH for the next year, two years, three years…

There's no other industry on Earth that can boast gains like this.

When we took The Green Organic Dutchman public last May, we shattered world records with a $1.5 billion IPO.

Then in July, Tilray blew away our record-hitting $2 billion with its IPO.

Now, just a couple of weeks ago, Curaleaf more than doubled that, IPO’ing at $4.5 billion.

Think about that for a second.

This industry is growing so fast that IPO records are being broken every few months.

And we’re seeing that growth touch dozens of ancillary businesses as well, not just cannabis...

They’re all posting gains at mind-numbing speeds.

I believe that it’s just a matter of time until we’re seeing $6 billion… $10 billion… $12 billion IPOs.

In fact, I wouldn’t be shocked if we see every one of those records broken before the year is out.

Which means the only question is…

How many of these IPOs could make you $2.3 million richer this year?

That’s why, Danny, with your help, we even have an entire wing of The Institute dedicated exclusively to tracking each and every one of these monumental events.

This is truly unprecedented.

It's been decades – and I mean decades – since a single industry had so many IPOs in such a short period of time.

So, can you tell everyone who's watching why this is happening?

What's changed to create this tidal wave of IPOs with billion-dollar potential?

The answer to that is simple.

It's growth.

Cannabis is the fastest-growing industry in the world.

It's now totally legal across Canada.

Mexico has plans to fully legalize by October.

And in the U.S., medical marijuana is now legal in 33 states, with more on the horizon.

Where Marijuana is Legal

We're seeing a huge shift in the global cannabis market.

And get this…

When we last spoke, the global market for cannabis was worth $8.5 billion.

Today, it’s worth more than $12 billion.

That’s a 41% jump for the entire industry in four months.

When on Earth have you heard of an entire industry growing by 41% in just four months?

That’s bigger than computers in the ’90s.

Within six years, cannabis is expected to grow into a $166 billion market.

And right now, you have the chance to claim your stake.

That’s incredible, Danny…

With that kind of growth, you have to know that this opportunity is about a lot more than kids buying weed to get high.

Just look at all the good medical cannabis is doing.

The fastest-growing customer base for cannabis is people over the age of 60 using it for medical reasons.

In the state of Florida alone, the number of patients using medical marijuana doubled between January and July of last year.

Today, Florida doctors are still prescribing it to over 2,500 new patients every week.

And that’s just one market in one state.

When you look across the whole market, things just keep getting bigger.

Cannabis is the fastest-growing job market in the U.S.

As of March 14, cannabis has created 211,000 new jobs.

And major brands are pouring just obscene amounts of money into this industry.

There hasn’t been another industry with this kind of growth in my lifetime.

So, when you think about it... this explosion of mega-IPO growth… well, it just makes sense.

It makes perfect sense.

Now, if you're watching this today, you might be getting excited.

I hope you are.

But the question is…

Just how hard is it to hit one of those winners in the real world?

So, we ran a little experiment using the NICI 50.

For anyone who doesn't know, the NICI 50 is an index we created for our members here at The Institute.

It's comprised of our 50 best-ranked cannabis companies out of the ENTIRE universe of public companies.

Because here at The Institute, we track every single cannabis company.

So, we went back and looked at how each of those stocks has performed since its IPO.

What we found is that the amount of money you can make – if you know how to spot a good cannabis IPO – is truly mind-boggling.

Danny, do you know how much you'd have made if you'd invested evenly in each of those companies on IPO day and sold at their peaks?

I haven't looked at exactly which companies you have in there recently, but I'd say at least 20 times your money.

So, I guess about 2,000%.

Danny, you're the expert, so I hate to correct you.

But the fact is, just investing blindly in all 50 would have made you 2,705%.

There's no other place on Earth where the average person can make those kinds of gains.

If you put $1,000 in each of those stocks at the IPO and sold at their peaks, you'd be sitting on gains of more than $587,636.


I mean it's like shooting fish in a barrel.

And get this…

Even the worst five companies in the NICI 50 have returned an average 63.4%.

That's the worst-case scenario.

That means if you put $10,000 into each of the worst-performing companies in our index, you still could have walked away with $81,699.

Worst-Case Scenario

And the best IPOs make that look like chump change.

Just $2,000 into each of the top 25 IPOs in our index could have made you $2,607,135.

Top 25

That same amount in the top 12 could have made you $4,928,000.

Top 12

I mean, folks at home, do you see how powerful that is?

There's no doubt in my mind that the IPOs we are going to see over the course of the month can create a whole new class of millionaires.

Because the companies we've been following have already done it again and again and again.

You're absolutely right, Mike.

The way things are going, just sitting out on the sidelines at this point seems insane.

I couldn't agree more.

Because we're seeing some extraordinary returns.

Just one of these IPOs could have enough profit potential to turn you into a millionaire.

I mean, think about General Cannabis out of Denver, Colorado.

It IPO’ed for just 11 cents a share.

Since then, it has gone all the way up to $64.64.

General Cannabis

That’s enough to turn a $2,000 investment into more than $1,173,000.


Now, these are exceptional, rare wins. You don't get to see returns like that very often.

But, Mike, with the intel I have…

We're talking about seeing as many as 42 millionaire-making IPOs hit in the next 90 days.

Danny, that's amazing.

Now obviously, we wouldn't recommend all 42 of those IPOs. They can't all be big winners.

We scout out the losers every day.

I mean, just because companies have done well in the past, it's no guarantee that the next IPO – or any other company – will perform the same way...

With speculative investments like this, there's a real risk of losing money.

But you've helped take three of the biggest cannabis companies public.

And on top of that, you invested your own money in dozens more of these IPOs.

Clearly you know how to pick winners.

So how do you do it?

I mean, what's your secret?

Well, Mike, first off you've got to know the players in the industry…

Especially on a personal level like I do.

Look, right now, there are 227 public cannabis companies.

A lot of them are not up to speed.

They're just trying to ride this trend without anything substantial to show for it. 

I've even uncovered a few pump-and-dump schemes.

So, if you don't know everything about a company – even if you just have vague reservations – it's probably a good idea not to invest in it.

You can, and you will, lose money doing that.

That's why having some insider's insight is crucial.

Look at Canopy for a second…

Folks could have made a fortune investing in Canopy.

You could have turned $600 into $40,000.

Canopy Growth Corp

But I don't really see how a regular investor could have known it was anything other than a fly-by-night penny stock.

Right, you can't learn what's going on inside a company by just reading a press release.

Exactly, but I'm good friends with a number of people in the company.

And let me tell you something about Bruce Linton, Canopy’s CEO.

Bruce Linton

His background is just unbelievable.

He's got experience with huge international companies.

He's served as one of Canada’s representatives to the World Bank.

So he knows how to run and grow a business even on an international scale.

And on top of that, before Canopy, he led small companies he’d co-founded through successful IPOs…

So you knew firsthand that Canopy had the right people in place.


Bruce built a top-notch organization. There's no doubt in my mind that Canopy is going to be a major player in the industry for years.

So the chance to buy into that company for $1.15 a share?

It's just a no-brainer.

The same thing is true of Aurora Cannabis.

Aurora was actually an early investor in The Green Organic Dutchman – one of the companies I helped take public.

And right now, it’s one of the biggest cannabis companies on Earth.

It was actually one of the first cannabis companies to trade on the New York Stock Exchange.

It’s huge.

And it was a very involved, hands-on partner... long before The Green Organic Dutchman IPO'ed.

That gave me the chance to really work with the key members of Aurora’s team.

I've got insights into how the company works that an outsider couldn't even dream of.

After working side by side with the company, I can tell you – you'd have been insane not to buy in.

After its IPO, it traded as low as 26.5 cents.

Last October, it hit $16.24.

Aurora Cannabis Inc.

Meaning a $2,000 stake after the IPO could have turned into more than $120,000.

Aurora Cannabis Inc.

That's incredible.

So, Danny, are you saying you've got access like that for all the IPOs you are watching?

Absolutely, Mike.

For every IPO I'd consider investing in this year, I have…

That's the kind of access you want if you're going to invest in these IPOs.

With that kind of insight, there's an absolute fortune to be made in cannabis.

Because compared to 2017 or 2018 or any other year, these IPOs are creating wealth at an unbelievable speed.

Look at CannaOne Technologies.

That’s an e-commerce company for dispensaries, isn’t it?

That's right.

In fact, its headquarters is just a few blocks from here.

It’s a one-stop shop for cannabis retailers looking to start selling online.

With the click of a button, a dispensary can get a digital storefront up in a matter of minutes.

On March 13, shortly after its IPO, CannaOne was trading at 50 cents a share. 

By the 14th, it was trading at 69 cents.

Yesterday, it was trading at $1.36.

Cannaone Technologies Inc.

That’s a 172% gain in just a couple of weeks.

And we’ve seen gains like that over and over again in the past few months.

All of them have posted huge gains since they IPO’ed.

Or look at Aleafia.

It operates out of Canada.

After it IPO’ed, shares traded for as little as 36 cents.

About five months later, it was up 1,002%.


What you're saying is…

Not only are the IPOs coming faster in 2019… they're also making money faster than they ever have before.

Now, Danny, you're the biggest expert in the industry.

I mean your team found Emblem back when it was called KindCann.

You took them from a $20 million company growing marijuana on a run-down, old chicken farm to a publicly traded company worth over a quarter of a billion dollars.


Then you took over The Green Organic Dutchman.

You rebuilt it from the ground up.

When it went public last May, it was the biggest cannabis IPO in history.

Your team took that company from a $30 million valuation to a multibillion-dollar market cap.

Your two companies combined have created as much as $2.2 billion in new wealth for your shareholders.

I think it's fair to say you know more about cannabis IPOs than anyone else on Earth.

So, tell us…

What would it take for the average person to make $1,000,000 or more from these IPOs?

Well, Mike, it all comes down to this.

You need to be in the game. You don't play, you don't win.

And the amount of money you invest – it really doesn't matter. Even $500 can score big.

Here's the little-known secret about these IPOs…

It's so common to see IPOs being underpriced.

And the CEOs are doing it intentionally.

The first time you hear something like that, it sounds kind of crazy.

Can you explain what you mean?

In simple terms, the day a company goes public, it'll sell shares at a deep discount – on purpose.

A 50-year study found the average U.S. IPO will be priced 17% cheaper than it should be.

So if you buy shares on IPO day – what history tells you is that you're already up 17% on day one.

It's not a bad start.

Of course, there are extremes; some companies discount 50% – some a lot more.

There are brilliant minds analyzing this phenomenon.

And they'll all give you different answers for why this is occurring.

Having done this three times myself, I can tell you from experience that the simplest answer is the best.

This is basic human psychology.

Let's say you are the CEO of a company, and you're helping plan your IPO. You only get one shot at this.

So you're going to want to create a lot of buzz around that day.

If you intentionally underprice those shares, to investors your stock is looking like an absolute bargain.

And you're going to have people beating down your door to get in on that.

That's exactly right.

You want a classic example? Look no further than LinkedIn.

It went public back in May of 2011.

I remember it like it was yesterday.

It was a Thursday morning.

LinkedIn set its IPO at $45 a share.

The market started trading at 9:30 a.m.

It was like dumping a boatload of filet mignon into a tank of great white sharks.

This was a feeding frenzy.

Before the clock struck noon – those same shares were trading for $122.70.

That's a 173% spike in less than three hours.


If you were one of those IPO investors, you were probably popping champagne at lunch to celebrate.

Right, and the good stuff, too: Dom Pérignon.

The point is – because its IPO was underpriced – LinkedIn created momentum.

And that momentum carried on well after that IPO.

Microsoft eventually ended up buying LinkedIn for $26.2 billion.

Long before that ever happened though, investors in LinkedIn's IPO had the chance to make 513% on their money.

That's why, historically speaking, the vast majority of companies go the LinkedIn route.

Their IPOs are underpriced intentionally – some by a little, some by a lot.

This creates positive momentum – and shareholders are rewarded for backing the companies from the beginning.

I learned a great deal studying LinkedIn's IPO – and I applied it to my work.

When we took The Green Organic Dutchman public, the offering price for an early investor was just 50 cents a pop.

On IPO day, those shares were up about 810%.

The IPO was underpriced.

This created momentum, and a few weeks later, those shares were trading for $10.24.

The Green Organic Dutchman

Early investors were up 1,900%.

Same story with Emblem.

When we IPO'ed, around that time, we priced those shares for $1.15 each.


A month later, it was up 287%.

Again, it's about creating momentum.

So that's why cannabis IPOs are the biggest opportunity right now?

Because they're intentionally underpriced on IPO day?

Well, a lot of them are…

It all comes back to the institutional money.

What do you mean?

Well, cannabis is the fastest-growing industry in the world. And if you are growing fast, you need a lot of money to expand your operations.

I can tell you from experience, you're going to want to raise more capital after your IPO.

And you'll need that institutional money.

So again, we have basic psychology here.

If your IPO is underpriced, you can experience momentum right out of the gate, with investors flooding in.

Your share price continues to rise from all of this interest.

Your early investors are happy.

Then your company hits its revenue and growth milestones – more momentum, happier investors.

Then institutional firms decide it's safe to jump in.

That's more momentum.

And your investors are even happier.

Now let's flip it around.

You aren't the CEO – now you're one of the investors.

You're going to want to be there at the very beginning – IPO day. So you can ride all of this momentum up.

Go back to April 4, 2014.

That was a Friday.

Also the day Canopy Growth IPO’ed.

Shares were trading for as low as $2.35.

Investors had a nice weekend to think about that stock.

That Monday, shares were up by 66%.

Tuesday, as much as 83%.

Canopy Growth

And that wasn't an accident?

No, it wasn't.

It was built that way on purpose, so there was momentum from the start.

Then, about a year later, the institutional firms started to jump on the bandwagon.

Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, State Street, and a whole lot of others.

That's more momentum.

From the bottom to the top, Canopy's stock has risen as much as 3,813%.

Canopy Growth

It’s so big now, it’s trading on the New York Stock Exchange.

So the cannabis companies know they're going to need the capital to grow.

Even way past IPO day.

And if they want to raise the money…

They've got to keep investors happy.

That means doing everything they can to guarantee big gains right off the bat.

Which means IPO day is basically Black Friday for the stock market.

If you get there early enough, they'll sell you a $3,000 TV for $300.


Just look at Plus Products – our team’s latest IPO.

The stock was easily worth $5 a share on the IPO.

We all knew that.

But we intentionally set the IPO price low. Early investors got in at $3.25 a pop.

It was a fire sale designed just so we could build momentum.

And it worked…

Eleven days later, Plus was trading at $7.25.

Those IPO investors were up 123% in a week.

Plus Products

And I'm sure that made them happy.

Those investors are telling everyone they know about how much money they've made.

That's free PR for the company.

That's just going to push the stock price higher.

It's a really smart strategy for these cannabis companies.

Now, Danny, there are dozens of these IPOs coming up throughout 2019.

It's a life-changing opportunity for the right kind of person.

But how can you tell the difference between a cash-cow IPO and a dud?

That's a great question, Mike.

A winning IPO comes down to just a handful of things.

In fact, there are really just three.

First, you want a company with a really good management team.

It's not the Wild West out there anymore. Retired hippies with greenhouses acting as CEOs just won't cut it anymore.

Second, you want a company with a great brand and significant distribution channels.

Remember, there's going to be absolutely explosive growth over the next couple of years.

A lot of that is going to happen in retail storefronts.

That's where hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of first-time customers are going to be making decisions that'll shape what they buy for the next 20 or 30 years.

So the companies that can get on the most shelves have a "lock" on winning out.


A lot of this is going to be a race to the shelves.

Winners are going to get there first.

That makes sense.

Now, what's the third thing you look for?

The last thing – and it's a big one – is the share structure of the company.

Because remember, when a company IPOs, it’s new to the market, but it’s not a new company.

Usually, it’s been doing business for years as a private company.

So you only want to get into a company with a well-structured IPO from an experienced management team.

That’s what’s going to give you the shot at those nice, straight-line profits that can turn $1,000 into $2,000, into $20,000, into $50,000, into $1,000,000 or more.

By the way, that's why I'm so excited about the opportunity you were talking about at the beginning of this conversation.

You mean the CBD company that has found a way to reduce the upfront extraction costs for cannabis companies by 72%?

Yes, because it has got everything lining up for it.

It’s got a proprietary system in place.

I think it’s going to be intentionally underpriced for people who get in on IPO day…

And the timing just couldn’t be better for an extraction company.

I mean just look at how the market for CBD oil is growing.

You're absolutely right.

For folks watching who don’t know, CBD oil is a cannabis extract that doesn't get you high.

It's used to treat everything from arthritis pain to epileptic seizures.


Since the Farm Bill passed in December, CBD oil is fully legal in the United States for the first time in over 80 years.

So Walgreens and CVS are rolling out CBD oil on store shelves.

The FDA is conducting a public hearing to talk about approving CBD for use in food, energy drinks, and beer.

The market for this stuff is just getting ready to explode.

CBD oil was a $190 million-a-year business in 2017.

Within the next three years, that’s expected to explode to $22 billion.


So just that one corner of the cannabis market is growing by 11,478%.

And this tiny, private company is perfectly positioned to potentially capture billions of dollars of that growth.

Because its extraction system is unlike anything else in the world.

Instead of burning tens of millions of dollars building grow houses and distribution channels, it has licensed its system to other cannabis companies.

And there are literally dozens of new cannabis companies popping up every day.

The amount of money these guys could make over the next 12 months is insane.

I mean, we actually stopped counting when we hit a potential $97 million with just the output of four companies.

So this is really a slam-dunk IPO. It can make people millions the day it goes public.

Agreed… and that's just one tiny piece of the puzzle.

Because the whole industry is growing right alongside CBD oil.

That means the cultivators who grow the plants are going to make more money.

The pharmaceutical companies making new drugs are going to make more money.

The edibles companies making cannabis-infused products – foods and drinks – are going to make money!

On top of that, you've got the technology companies, the financing companies, the real estate companies, and construction companies… everything that supports the industry…

All of them stand to see billions and billions of dollars in market growth over the coming months and years.

All of them have IPOs coming in the next few weeks.

And any one of those IPOs could be the next record breaker.

So what other companies are you watching right now? What’s got you excited?

There’s one company based right here in Toronto that does genetic testing for you if your doctor prescribes you cannabis.

You can actually see its headquarters from here. It’s right down the street.

And if you’re taking cannabis for a medical reason, you can send a cheek swab to the company’s lab technicians. They literally look at your DNA.

Then they match you to the exact strain of cannabis that will give you the maximum benefits without any side effects based on your individual genetic profile.

So they give you individually tailored medical treatments? That’s a massive market.

Yeah, it’s called precision medicine.

It was a $78.8 billion industry last year, and forecasts put it at more than $216 billion within nine years.

So that IPO could be huge.

Massive… and it’s happening literally any day now.

And over the next few weeks, we’re going to see dozens more cannabis IPOs hit the market.

The world’s number-one edibles brand is planning to go public.

People just go insane for its products. I mean, the company was literally founded by a master chocolatier. It has won every major award in the industry, and it’s set to IPO.

I’ve heard rumors that one of the largest cultivators in Nevada is gonna go public.

There’s a company that designs and builds commercial greenhouses that is getting ready to IPO.

There’s a tech startup out of Palo Alto, California, that built a HIPAA-compliant AI for the cannabis industry.

It has been featured everywhere from Vice and CNBC to MarketWatch and the New York Times for the technology it’s developed.

And I know for a fact that it’s planning an IPO right now.

Anyone who gets in with these companies now could make a fortune.

But let me make one thing clear.

Everything we just told you – there's no way to find all of that out unless you know someone in the industry.

For most people, you're limited to digging through company websites and press releases to try and figure all this out on your own.

And let me tell you from experience: A lot of really terrible companies know how to write a good press release.

But the big institutions don't cover cannabis companies.

So there's not a lot you can do to fact-check.

Not to mention, we're talking about dozens of IPOs.

The average investor can't call the CEOs up on the phone.

And they're not going to spend their lives on an airplane like you do, travelling around the world to meet with various company executives.

I mean how many countries have you been to checking out these companies in the last month?



Mike, to be completely honest with you, I've lost count.

I don't see how a normal person could pull that off.

There's no way.

And on top of that, they're not going to have your financial background as a venture capitalist.

They don't know how to evaluate a pitch deck or read a term sheet.

For everyone watching…

If you're trying to do it all on your own, you're going to miss some big winners.

But the good news for you is you don't have to.

This opportunity is so big, we have an entire wing of The Institute dedicated solely to tracking and vetting every single cannabis IPO.

It's a program we've spent months building, working closely with Danny as one of the key members of our advisory board.

We've taken a complete white-glove approach to cannabis investing and research.

Our only goal is to bring you the insider insights you'll need to get into the next billion-dollar IPO.

It's called Cannabis IPO Insider.

And in fact…

We’ve found an IPO we expect to see happen by tomorrow from the father of the modern marijuana industry.

People have been waiting for this company to go public for years…

And we’ll show you exactly how to play it.

But first, Danny, let's talk about what members can expect to receive.

Okay, so we have this rush of cannabis IPOs headed our way.

I know most of these firms personally – I have their executives’ contact info in my cell phone.

I've been to their offices and facilities.

As an advisor to The Institute, I'm going to share everything I've uncovered.

Mike’s team is going to take my work, run it through their database of cannabis firms, analyze each upcoming IPO, and most importantly, identify which could be the cream of the crop.

Then twice a month, they will send you an IPO Hotlist.

IPO Hotlist

It's a complete overview of each cannabis company that's set to go public.

Their operations will have been thoroughly vetted.

Their financials, executive teams, every detail will be scrutinized.

Once Danny has done his part, my team is going to break all of this down for you and tell you when we're projecting each of these companies will go public.

Then every month, we're going to select the two or three IPOs that have the greatest upside.

My team is going to rerun all of the numbers, double- and triple-check everything.

And for each target, we're going to prepare a Cannabis IPO Dossier.

Cannabis IPO Dossier

It's a big document that has all of the critical research and information you need to know about that firm.

It'll include details about key players in the company… 6- to 12-month profit predictions… our “buy-up-to” recommendations so you aren't chasing the price up into dangerous territory… the works.

Plus, you're going to receive a Video Investor Presentation for that company and its approaching IPO.

This is where my team will walk you through the major points – and what we like about this company.

And I'd like to stress something…

When vetting these opportunities, I wanted to ensure there was no bias involved.

So my analysts and researchers will not have a stake in any of these recommendations.

However, as you know, we have an incredible advisory board.

Our Advisory Board

Danny is one of our advisors.

Former House Speaker John Boehner is a founding board member.

They will often be investing in these companies with their own money.

I want to make it crystal clear that I will be investing in many of these IPOs myself.

I'm going to have serious skin in the game.

I will be putting my money to work right alongside yours if you choose to invest.

Folks, I want you to think about how extraordinary that is.

When was the last time you met someone that actually helped investors make $2.22 billion? Because that's what Danny has done in less than two years.

And we're talking about the chance to not only get insider insights from Danny, but to possibly invest in the hottest IPOs right alongside him.

We already have six IPO opportunities lined up for you.

So six IPO Dossiers and six Video Investor Presentations are ready to go.

Each conservatively has 1,000% upside.

All six of these companies are going public in the next few weeks.

And when it happens, it's going to create the next round of marijuana millionaires.

Just like Danny here.

I want you to be one of them.

Frankly, this is an industry that has produced countless 5,000%, 10,000%, even 50,000% windfalls.

So I completely agree with what Mike's saying.

That's why this is so exciting.

When you claim this invitation to join Cannabis IPO Insider, all six of these dossiers are yours.

And you'll keep getting new ones.

My team will be sending you about two a month – 24 in total over the next year.

Here's a very important point.

So pay very close attention to this.

We can't tell you the exact date an IPO is going to happen.

Companies hold that information close to their chests until just a few days before they go public.

But usually, we're going to know within a three-week window on either side when these companies are set to IPO.

And we'll know that months before it actually happens.

So we're going to send you these Cannabis IPO Dossiers and Video Investor Presentations long before they go public.

This gives you plenty of time to review these opportunities and all of the research behind them.

You never want to rush into any decision – especially about any investment.

There are risks involved with cannabis IPOs.

Many of them are small companies and can be volatile.

Their share prices can swing back and forth.

And we want you to understand those risks.

So you're going to have all of this time to vet these deals for yourself.

Plus, you are probably going to have some questions, too.

We've got you covered there.

A week before a company IPOs, my team is going to host a Virtual Hot Seat.

Virtual Hot Seat

We will answer as many of the most popular questions you and your fellow members send in as possible.

No question about the company is out of bounds.

If you want to know how we're coming to our profit projections or you're curious about a company's operations, or its business partners, or what its CEO wrote his college thesis on, just ask.

We're here to find you the answers that matter.

We want you to be ready for IPO day.

And we don't want you to miss it, either.

So the day before any firm we're targeting goes public, we will send out an IPO Action Plan.

This is a streamlined set of instructions for taking part.

That way you can be locked and loaded once Wall Street rings that bell.

After that, each company will be added to our Model Portfolio, where we'll track its progress.

And if it inks a new deal, releases its quarterly reports, or any other major news breaks – we will notify you by sending out an Investor Update.

From start to finish, you're going to have a team of experts – who've made real money in this industry – by your side.

Our team will be there guiding you through each of these recommendations.

And when the time is right, you will receive a Real-Time Profit Alert notifying you to collect any winnings you have coming your way.

There will be instances where you will most likely want to take some – but not all – of your money off the table.

To Mike's point, and we've talked about this already, these cannabis IPOs can move fast.

Take Green Thumb.

Green Thumb IPO’ed last August.

During the first 24 hours, you could've locked up your shares for as low as $8.42 apiece.

Barely a month later, your holdings would've been up 285%.

The Green Thumb

With a case like this, you might receive a Real-Time Profit Alert recommending you sell a small portion of your holdings, so you can collect your original investment plus some profits.

That helps lower your risk.

And you can let the rest ride!

Then, down the road, we'll send you another Real-Time Profit Alert when it's time to cash out again.

Don't forget to tell them about the new NICI App.

That's right.

IPO Hotlist

We’ve created an exclusive smartphone app for our subscribers.

It’s available for both Android and iPhone devices.

And it gives you…

Cannabis Insider Report

In fact, Danny, this is just a snapshot of what is – in reality – an extremely comprehensive venture.

It would take a long time to cover everything.

But there are a few more things we should mention.

First off, every month, you will be sent a copy of the Cannabis Insider Report.

It has the industry's biggest trends and events – any news of major mergers – or political moves.

It's all been compiled, analyzed, and presented to you in a simple-to-read format.

This won't be information overload.

You'll be able to quickly use this research and apply it to your investments.

Plus, I'm going to be traveling around the world, meeting with CEOs – the people running massive cannabis firms, the institutional investors – this is what I do for a living.

Naturally, I hear a lot of rumors, and I could get the early word on some pretty exciting developments.

When I hear something, you're going to hear something.

I'm going to, whenever it's possible, take out my cell phone and film Video Reports from the Field.

Video Reports from the Field

I'll be shooting at the facilities I'm touring.

I'll get any executives I can on the record about their operations.

I'll tell you everything I just gathered from my meetings.

Those kinds of insights are going to be invaluable to anyone thinking of investing in an IPO.

So we'll be posting all these videos in a special section of our website.

It's only accessible to members who accept this special invitation to join Cannabis IPO Insider.

And there's another special network perk you should know about as well.

We're going to host a monthly Founder's Roundtable.

Founder's Roundtable

It will feature our board members and some of the founders of the major cannabis firms.

We'll be talking IPOs and the future of the industry.

And, of course, all members of the National Institute for Cannabis Investors get an invitation to our annual retreat.

You're Invited

But if you accept this invitation to join Cannabis IPO Insider, we'll pay for your tickets for both you and a guest.

And you'll be able to attend a private dinner with board members.

Steak, lobster, top-shelf drinks – it's all on the house.

And it's an amazing event. You really don't want to miss out.


It's an incredible chance to mingle and meet with other members, our team, and people on the advisory board…

People like Danny, in person.

I can't wait to shake your hand as you tell me about the hundreds of thousands – or millions – of dollars you've made investing in cannabis IPOs.

But there's one thing you have to understand…

Cannabis IPO Insider is a very hands-on research service.

I know hedge-fund managers and venture capitalists who would happily pay $30,000 or more for this kind of analysis – if they could even get it.

But nothing like it exists anywhere in the world.

In fact, due to regulations in the U.S., most financial institutions have strict policies forbidding their analysts from touching cannabis companies with a 10-foot pole.

The National Institute for Cannabis Investors is literally the only place on Earth this research exists.

Now, Cannabis IPO Insider won't cost you anywhere near $30,000. 

It won't even cost you $3,000.

We've priced it below that so that regular people – anyone who's serious – can afford to join.

It's not cheap.

But for everything you get, it's a bargain…

Because there is no doubt in my mind this IPO market has the power to create thousands of new millionaires this year.

But if we were to share our research with 100,000 people, almost none of them would end up getting into these IPOs at the limit price we'd recommend.

If too many people buy it, it will ruin the opportunity for everyone.

Which is why we've had to carefully consider how many people can be allowed to join Cannabis IPO Insider.

And today, we’re opening Cannabis IPO Insider up to 447 new members.

But there are more than two million people invited to watch this presentation today.

So only a tiny fraction of those people will get to join.

I want you to have a real shot at becoming a millionaire this year from cannabis IPOs.

That's why I'm personally inviting you to join Cannabis IPO Insider.

But you need to act quickly.

Our initial limit is just 447 new subscribers today.

If we open more spots later on, they'll be offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you're interested in accepting my invitation, this is the best chance you'll ever have.


Each one of these IPOs had the profit potential to make millionaires by themselves.

And we're going to show you dozens of them over the next 12 months.

That means, the moment you join, you'll get… 

Our IPO Hotlist.

That's our complete database of cannabis firms preparing to go public.

It gives concise, detailed information about each firm's financials, executive team, operations… you name it.

We cover everything you need to know so you can decide if the company is right for you.

You'll get our Cannabis IPO Dossiers.

We have six waiting right now.

They cover companies that are all set to go public in as soon as the next five weeks.

And when the IPOs happen, you'll be one of a handful of members with a real shot at claiming your share of the billions of dollars in new wealth that could be created.

Plus, every month, you'll get a deep dive into the next two IPOs with the greatest upside potential.

This kind of in-depth analysis isn't available anywhere else.

Hedge funds and venture capitalists would happily pay $30,000 or more for this kind of research.

You get it included for no additional cost as one of our subscribers.

And that's just the beginning.

You get Video Presentations and Virtual Hot Seats.

These are live walkthroughs of every company, where our expert team will answer all your most pressing questions.

You get an IPO Action Plan 24 hours before any firm we recommend goes public.

The Action Plan is a streamlined set of instructions that tells you exactly what to do to take part in the IPO.

This is where you'll get the actionable intel that could make you millions.

You get Real-Time Profit Alerts so you know exactly when to collect any winnings and maximize your gains.

You get the Cannabis Insider Report.

This is a monthly briefing on the biggest trends, business deals, and political moves in the cannabis industry.

Everything is compiled, analyzed, and presented to you in a simple-to-read format.

And don't forget what I'll be doing.

Like my Video Reports from the Field.

Any time I'm out on the front lines of the cannabis industry, you'll know about it.

Whether I'm being flown out on a private jet to visit a personal friend's state-of-the-art facility or I've been invited to a special meeting, I'll send you a Video Report giving you the details.

Plus, we have the Founders Roundtable, where the founders of The Institute will meet with top cannabis executives to discuss the industry's hottest IPOs.

We give you our thoughts and opinions that some people would pay thousands to hear.

Not to mention Mike has promised that you and a guest of your choice will be invited to our annual retreat – free of charge.

You will have a chance to meet and dine with our advisory board members and ask any questions you want about the industry.

Folks, I've never seen a package like this offered to anyone.

IPO Hotlist

I know venture capitalists worth tens of millions of dollars who don't get this kind of white-glove attention.

You'll have the chance to invest right alongside me and some of the smartest, most well-connected people inside the cannabis industry.

And because Mike's team will send you the dossiers weeks before the companies IPO, there's never going to be a last-minute rush.

That way, you'll always be able to do your own research before you have to commit.

On top of that, we've set up a Concierge Service team just for Cannabis IPO Insider members.

They're on standby to take your calls and answer any question or concern you may have.

I take customer satisfaction seriously, and we'll do almost anything to put you on the path to becoming a millionaire.

But for the biggest gains, you need to act quickly.

We expect the granddaddy of all modern cannabis companies is going public in the next 24 hours.

Believe me, you don’t want to miss out on it.

This company has been in business for over a decade. It’s the number-two cannabis company in California.

And its estimated revenues are already up 50% year over year.

Opportunities like this are why I built The Institute… because this is like nothing we've ever seen.

A $9,000 stake in Newstrike Brands on IPO day could have made you a millionaire.

And General Cannabis could have made you more than $1.17 million starting with just $2,000.

Folks, this is really happening…

And it's happening right now – every day.

Last year, one of the most respected business magazines in Canada had already found 77 different people who have made $1 million or more from cannabis.

Today, our estimates put that number at more than 239.

And these are ordinary people from every walk of life. They're not hedge-fund investors or fancy venture capitalists.

Think about what that means for you… what a tiny stake today could potentially do.

I’m not telling you to bet the farm on these.

We're talking about a highly speculative market.

Those are rare and exceptional wins.

But this is a rare and exceptional time.

When else in history could just $2,000 make you $1.1 million?

This is the opportunity you've been waiting for.

This is your chance to live a life of total financial freedom.

If you were ever going to swing for the fences and take your shot at becoming a millionaire, this is the time to do it.

So don't wait.

Click the button below, and let's get started.

Because I can't wait to meet you in person at our next retreat as you tell me how this changed your life.

For the National Institute for Cannabis Investors, this is Mike Ward, signing off.

Have a great day.

I hope to see you soon.

P.S. If you have any questions about the National Institute for Cannabis Investors  and how it will work for you, I encourage you to contact our reliable customer service team at 866.298.7257 or 443.380.2078 
(international) and mention Priority Code: WCNIV713.