Right before our eyes, the cannabis market – once an illicit, countercultural novelty – is erupting into an accepted, regulated, and extremely lucrative global phenomenon.

Average folks all over the world are scrambling to understand this economic revolution.

But above all, what people really want to know is…

"What can I do to become one of cannabis's big cash winners?"

From the start, we've seen the smart investors – the ones who went all in on this multibillion-dollar industry – get rewarded with life-changing gains, like…

And we're still in the earliest stages of this fledgling market.

Right now, the cannabis industry is at the starting line of one of the biggest market booms in history…

A true wealth explosion that could soon take cannabis from the $16 billion market it is today and propel it to a $100 billion behemoth – practically overnight.

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This all-encompassing guide will show you how to unlock the true power of the cannabis industry for yourself.

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Those who have followed our advice have seen rare and exceptional gains of…

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This Is an Up-to-Date, Roll-Up-Your-Sleeves, Get-to-Work-Making-Money Manual.

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This is an exciting opportunity and we’re anxious to get you started.

But before we tell you exactly how to claim your free copy of the 2020 Pot Profits Roadmap, we want to make sure you understand exactly what's at stake for you…

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The term "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity" gets thrown around a lot these days.

But when it comes to cannabis, there's no other way to describe it.

This May Really Be Your ONLY Chance to Jump In on the Ground Floor of a Worldwide Economic Tsunami for a Shot at True Generational Wealth.

Because unlike any other industry in history…

Today's cannabis revolution is being fueled by an unprecedented international wave of social, political, and economic support.

Right now in America, nearly two-thirds of the states – plus Guam, Puerto Rico, and Washington, D.C. – have legalized some form of medical marijuana.

In November, voters made Michigan the 10th state – and the first in the Midwest – to legalize recreational marijuana.

Meanwhile, politicians in New York, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, New Jersey, and a dozen more states are actively pushing for similar laws.

Think about that for a second…

Just a few short years ago, there were only two states – California and Colorado – that had made cannabis fully legal.


Here's what's really mind-boggling though…

Even with more than half of the states, plus the federal government, still dragging their feet on legalizing recreational cannabis…

This industry has already seen a fourfold increase in a handful of years.

Heck, just a few weeks ago, even the stodgy NFL admitted that the league is looking into cannabis as a potential pain management treatment for players.

But make no mistake; this red-hot industry is still just getting started.

Folks, our team of analysts, researchers, and market insiders have scrutinized every inch of this burgeoning industry.

And according to their estimates…

The Legal Cannabis Market Could Be Worth Well over $100 Billion in Just Two Short Years.

And That's Just in the United States Alone!

And with your FREE copy of the 2020 Pot Profits Roadmap at your side, you'll know exactly how you can tap into those billions and grab your fair share.

Because the thing is… that $100 billion mark is still just a drop in the bucket.

This year alone, the global cannabis market is projected to jump 38% to $16.9 billion.

When in history have you EVER heard of an entire industry growing 38% in a single year?

But what if we told you…

The real cannabis market is actually 1,700% bigger than that right now!

Yes. You read that right.

1,700% bigger.

You see, that $16.9 billion number only includes documented, LEGAL transactions.

As we speak, cannabis is on the fast track to being legalized all over the world. You've seen the momentum for yourself today!

And when that happens…

EVERY CENT of the legal cannabis cash grab will be in play for investors like you and me.

And when you factor in those estimates…

Worldwide cannabis sales for 2018 would not only have eclipsed 2019's $16.9 billion projection… but would have totaled a whopping $300 billion.

That's 17 times bigger than most people think.

And that makes cannabis a $300 billion opportunity…

THAT is the real market.

And believe it or not, that's still barely the tip of the iceberg.

The only question left is…

How Do YOU Put Yourself on the Ground Floor of a Multibillion-Dollar Cannabis Industry?

THAT is what's at stake for you today.

Of course, in the end, it really doesn't matter whether cannabis grows to $300 billion, $1 trillion, or more.

Three things are certain right now…

Cannabis is already making its mark on history.

It's making a few of the earliest "pot pioneers" who know what they're doing richer than their wildest dreams.

And that's exactly what the 2020 Pot Profits Roadmap was designed to do for you.

Of course, there's still one big problem.

For most people right now, hitting the jackpot in cannabis is like trying to hit a moving target while blindfolded.

It's hard zeroing in on something that's this big and evolving so quickly.

You've got…

But here's what makes this industry especially challenging right now…

Because right in the middle of all this natural confusion…

People Who Can’t – or Won’t – Do Their Homework Often Find Themselves Separated from Their Hard-Earned Cash by Scammers and Cheats.

Take Texas-based Greenview Investment Partners and its founder, Michael Cone, for example.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission recently charged this marijuana-focused investment fund with swindling investors out of more than $3 million.

Then there's the collapse of India Globalization Capital Inc., which cost unsuspecting shareholders millions.

Last summer, the company promised cannabis-based treatments for conditions including Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, eating disorders, and even epilepsy in cats and dogs.

On that news, between August and October of last year, shares of IGC surged 35-fold…

Climbing from a mere 37 cents to more than $13 per share.

But after reports of falsified data and exaggerated claims surfaced, its shares plunged more than 80% practically overnight.

The New York Stock Exchange even suspended trading and began the process to delist IGC's shares.

And unsuspecting investors were left blindsided, holding lighter wallets.

This industry has become such a magnet for wannabe cannabis entrepreneurs that not every company out there is going to be 100% capable of delivering on their promises – which, frankly, is to be expected from such a new, exciting, and fast-growing industry with billions of dollars at stake.

The questions you're likely asking are…

Who can you trust?

What should you avoid?

And most importantly…

How can you navigate this ever-changing field and grab your share of this multibillion-dollar industry?

Here at The Institute, we're not only the publisher of the 2020 Pot Profits Roadmap

We've Established Ourselves as the World's Leading Authority on Cannabis Investing.

So we're asked questions like these all the time.

In fact, we regularly field calls from places like NBC, ABC, and CNN asking us to help them understand the crazy world of cannabis investing.

The thing is, we don't give out those answers to just anyone.

Especially not the media.

But for a very limited time…

YOU can get the answers to all those questions and more…

YOU can find everything you need to navigate cannabis's legal, political, and social minefields, and…

YOU can have a treasure map that guides you step by step, opportunity by opportunity to help you become one of the world's next "pot pioneer" millionaires.

It's all in your free copy of the 2020 Pot Profits Roadmap.

Why do we call it a "Roadmap?"

Because this truly is a guidebook. A compendium of "dos and don'ts" for maximizing your wealth in the cannabis revolution.

At the Heart of the 2020 Pot Profits Roadmap Are What We Consider to Be 10 Essential Rules.

10 Invaluable Rules That Can Help You Build Incredible, Lasting Wealth, Stay Legal and Out of Trouble, and Enjoy the Lifestyle and Retirement of Your Dreams.

Let me give you a peek at some of what you'll find in your own free copy of the 2020 Pot Profits Roadmap.

Cannabis Rule #1:

You Must Know the Laws.

The laws affecting cannabis are different in almost every city, state, and country.

And the playing field is being redrawn virtually every week as new laws are being written.

Knowing not just where the laws are now but also where they're heading is your first key to making it big in the cannabis revolution.

And I'm not just talking about whether cannabis is legal or not. You have to know ALL the laws that can impact your cannabis investment.

A perfect example is banking laws.

With most traditional investments, only 17.5% of the money comes from individual investors like you and me.

The other 82.5% is from the big money – the major investment firms, hedge funds, pension funds, and established corporations.

But right now, in the $10.8 billion United States cannabis industry, there are zero institutional dollars.


Because current banking laws prevent most investment firms and funds from participating.

And you can bet that the Wall Street thoroughbreds don't like it one bit.

But they have the inside connections to let them know that change is right around the corner.

They're all lining themselves up at the starting line – champing at the bit with hundreds of billions of dollars of cash in hand to move into this industry.

Now, what do you think will happen once banking laws are rewritten?

What do you think could happen if YOU knew those law changes were coming?

And if YOU knew precisely which companies the fat cats have their eyes on?

All that cannabis cash will flood the market… and flow right into your pocket.

That's exactly what happened in Canada.

They had been talking about full legalization for years.

Once the heavy hitters started knocking on the doors of tiny cannabis firms, suddenly they weren't so tiny anymore.

Take Aphria.

By the fourth quarter of 2016, it was clear they had a bright future.

Aphria had a market cap of $313 million.

Then, the major institutional firms came knocking.

And Aphria's stock took off like a rocket.

About a year later, it had shot up as much as 659%

Enough to turn every $10,000 investment into $75,900!

The same thing happened with Canopy Growth.

Right now, they're one of the largest cannabis firms on the planet…

But back in the first quarter of 2015, they were barely a blip on the radar.

Their market cap was only around C$90 million.

Once the big bankers started making their moves, Canopy Growth had hit peak gains of 3,813%.

Talk about life-changing! Those who knew that the laws were about to open the floodgates could have turned every $10,000 into a massive $391,300…

More than a quarter of a million dollars!

Are these rare and exceptional gains? Sure. These are the kinds of once-in-a-lifetime gains that investors dream about.

But THAT is also the power of knowing the laws. Having that level of insider information supercharges your chances at hitting these kinds of gains.

And that's exactly what pages 13 to 21 of the 2020 Pot Profits Roadmap will help you do.

Right now, we're recommending that The Institute's members closely watch the biggest cannabis company in a key medical market state.

With a keen eye on ever-changing laws, it's already expanding into Massachusetts and California. And it's perfectly positioned to expand further as more laws change.

Thanks to having one of the most capable and aggressive CEOs in the cannabis business, this company has been able to expand more cheaply than other multistate operators. On top of that, it trades at a discount compared to them.

This is one of the few operators to consistently show an operating profit. And it would make a great potential partner for a larger firm.

Put it all together, and this company could explode with profits.

We've compiled all the details on how you can take advantage of this company. It's included FREE with your 2020 Pot Profits Roadmap.

Cannabis Rule #2:

You Must Scour All Cannabis Market Sectors.

Some of the first things most people think about when considering the cannabis market are growers and retailers.

But if that's all you look at, you're going to miss out on most of the money.

Take this for example.

Just a regular, old prescription pill bottle.

Every cannabis dispensary is required to provide its product in child-resistant packaging just like this…

But some folks making these bottles refuse to work with cannabis companies.

Enter Nick Kovacevich.

Shortly after graduating from college, he invented a child-resistant top for a bottle.

So he went around to all the companies selling cannabis and told them, "Hey, I hear you need this."

Today, he can't make these bottles fast enough. Everybody is buying them.

They've sold over a billion units!

They now also provide a wide assortment of other cannabis-friendly products.

Pre-roll containers… child-proof, pop-top bottles… you name it.

And this once tiny company has taken off like a rocket.

In 2014, KushCo sold $1.71 million worth of product – this year, it's estimated to be $140 million.

That would be 70-fold growth over a relatively short time.

If you had been holding KushCo stock, its 1,115% gain could have turned every $5,000 invested into more than $60,000.

That's 12 times your money.

Money that those who only focused on growers and retailers would have completely missed.

And that's just one tiny company… in one of potentially hundreds of tiny cannabis niches.

Be sure to check out pages 22 to 29 of the 2020 Pot Profits Roadmap. These pages can guide you to the most lucrative cannabis opportunities that most people will completely miss.

Cannabis RULE #3:

You Must Be Organized.

Hundreds of companies currently operate in the cannabis industry.

They range from mom-and-pop shops… to thousand-dollar outfits… to million-dollar companies… to billion-dollar corporations trying to buy their way into the game.

Some will emerge as new leaders… some are ripe for buyouts… many are overvalued… and others are hanging on by a wing and a prayer.

And most people have no idea which ones are actually going to make it.

That's why we at The Institute have developed our exclusive cannabis database.

There's nothing like this anywhere in the world.

It not only lists and organizes over 200 players in the cannabis universe…

It details company business plans, financials, and key factors to keep an eye out for.

This Is the Single Most Powerful Tool Available to You as an Independent Investor.

Our exclusive cannabis database is currently pointing The Institute's members toward one of the most overlooked companies in cannabis.

Aside from its database rating, this Canadian extractor is pretty unappealing on its face.

It extracts THC, CBD, and other oils from cannabis plants for use in products like vapes and edibles. But since vapes and edibles are currently illegal in Canada, it hasn't had much traction.

However, what most people don't realize is that all that's about to change in October.

And when it does, this company is ready to roll.

It's already lined up sweetheart deals with most of the major producers. And it's going to extract oils on a contract basis at a hefty 50% gross margin.

If you act now, you can be in position to reap the profits right along with this company.

You’ll find everything you need to know in our "Green Chip" Prospectus, a bonus report included with your FREE copy of the 2020 Pot Profits Roadmap.

Cannabis RULE #4:

You Must Focus on Billion-Dollar Brands.

The most successful companies in the world know that the only way to make a lot of money in the long term is to build a brand that resonates with people.

Take Altria.

It's a $25 billion company that many people have never heard of.

But everyone knows their world-famous brands that include Marlboro, Parliament, and Virginia Slims.

In the cannabis industry, it's no different.

Just look at Cannabis Sativa.

You could argue they've made progress creating brand recognition for their line of beauty products.

And shareholders have seen their holdings rise as much as 3,165% over the last three years as a result.

That's why big brand leaders like Molson and Altria are now taking their branding expertise and jumping into cannabis.

On August 1, 2018, Molson Coors announced that they were partnering with HEXO Corp. to create their own brand of cannabis-infused beverages.

If you'd jumped on HEXO that day…

You could have more than doubled your money with a quick 120% gain within about 10 weeks.

And that's not to mention the whopping 1,877% maximum gain you could have been sitting on had you been one of HEXO's first investors.

Same with Altria.

Last December, it made a $1.8 billion investment in Canadian cannabis company Cronos Group to build its brands in cannabis.

If you understood the importance of branding and held Cronos stock when Altria came calling…

You could have turned every $5,000 into $11,500 with a quick 130% gain.

So how can you catch the next big brands before they take off?

Page 73 of the 2020 Pot Profits Roadmap is geared to help you spot – and profit from – the most lucrative cannabis brands of the future.

For example, the biggest retailers (CVS, Safeway, Walgreens, etc.) are all starting to carry multiple brands of CBD.

And there are at least three good reasons why they are all clamoring to do business with one specific company.

That's also exactly why this CBD brand is likely to make investors who take advantage of this opportunity now very wealthy.

We've compiled all the details on this company for The Institute's members.

Today, it's yours FREE along with your FREE copy of the 2020 Pot Profits Roadmap.

Cannabis RULE #5:

You Must Be on the Forefront of Breakthrough Treatments and Technologies.

As cannabis marches steadily to full legalization, the need and opportunities for new technologies is growing right along with it.

And pages 46 to 49 of the 2020 Pot Profits Roadmap help you know exactly what to look for.

Here's just one example.

If someone is driving under the influence of alcohol and a cop pulls them over, they're going to get a breathalyzer test.

But what happens if the cop suspects they're driving under the influence of cannabis?

That's where new technology comes into play.

Cannabix Technologies developed a breathalyzer that can detect THC on your breath.

And their stock has gone up as much as 5,826%.

Here's another unique cannabis technology that's already made people a whole lot of money.

To save money and get around difficult growing seasons, cannabis farmers are turning to a method called hydroponics.

It allows them to grow cannabis in a compact space – and totally without soil.

A tiny company called GrowGeneration sells hydroponics technology.

With soaring demand in the cannabis industry, their stock has jumped as much as 563%.

Those are just two examples of the kinds of technologies that could make people rich in the cannabis revolution. And down the road, thousands more just like them could emerge.

Will every cannabis stock soar 150%… 500%… even 1,000%? We don't have a crystal ball, so there's no saying with 100% certainty how high they will go.

We've seen some cannabis stocks stay flat… and we've seen others go down.

But when you look at the history of this market and all of the exciting developments coming…

There Is No Denying How Monumental an Opportunity You Have before You Right Now!

Because the Next Generation of Billion-Dollar Cannabis Companies Is Ripe for the Picking.

Here's a perfect example.

One of the largest cannabis companies in the world is itching to get even bigger. It's got a $4 billion war chest that it's using to acquire cannabis companies left and right.

It has both the cash and the market power to buy up all the brands it wants.

Besides that, it has the dominance to get unusually good terms from its suppliers and other partners, including minority equity stakes in many of them. 

As the largest company, the largest acquirer, and the largest venture capital firm in the cannabis industry, this company not being in your portfolio would be like not owning Microsoft during the PC revolution.

Fortunately, you don't have to worry about missing out.

You'll get all the details on this must-have stock along with your FREE 2020 Pot Profits Roadmap.

Cannabis RULE #6:

You Must Anticipate Mergers and Acquisitions.

With full legalization in Canada, huge international companies have begun gobbling up Canadian cannabis firms for outrageous sums of money.

As we've already seen, shares of Cronos quickly jumped 130% when Altria bought a 45% stake.

Constellation Brands – the maker of Corona – invested nearly $5 billion in Canada's biggest pot stock, Canopy Growth.

And Canopy shot up 93%.

In April of last year, Cresco Labs announced what will be the largest acquisition of a public company operating in the American cannabis industry to date.

They agreed to buy Origin House – one of the largest distributors and manufacturers of branded products in California – for C$1.1 billion.

Origin House had been up already and jumped another 34% within days of the announcement.

And at the same time, Cresco, which had only been public since December, almost doubled to an all-time high and a 167% gain.

All because with the Canadian government ending its federal ban on weed back in October, big corporations are spending billions buying up cannabis companies in a feeding frenzy.

When Congress does the same thing here, those billions are expected to flow back into the U.S.

That's why having a tool like the 2020 Pot Profits Roadmap is invaluable. Pages 50 to 56 spell out how you can determine which companies could make good acquisition targets… and make you rich.

Take, for example, one under-the-radar cannabis company we're now recommending that members of The Institute consider targeting.

It currently operates in 15 states and Puerto Rico. And the key is that this company prefers to EARN licenses rather than BUY them.

Why is that important? Because it keeps acquisition costs lower. And that makes it a near-perfect merger target for a big Canadian company.

This is one you need to consider taking advantage of fast before it gets snapped up – and stock prices skyrocket.

Everything you need to know is yours FREE… along with your FREE 2020 Pot Profits Roadmap.

Cannabis RULE #7:

You Must Know How to Navigate IPOs.

IPOs give everyday people like you the chance to become millionaires.

Aleafia Health showed investors a five-month gain of 678% after its IPO last spring.

The Green Organic Dutchman quickly soared as much as 220% after its May 2018 IPO.

Tilray made investors as much as a 782% return after going public directly on the Nasdaq.

And this trend is only going to accelerate over the coming weeks and months.

Industry experts are expecting a record-breaking 8 to 10 IPOs a month moving forward.

That's 8 to 10 chances a month to help make you millions… IF you have the 2020 Pot Profits Roadmap by your side.

On pages 134 to 144, you'll find dozens of IPO tips and tools. So you can easily identify companies with great brands, proven management teams, and a strong share structure – the things any IPO must have to help make you the next marijuana millionaire.


Cannabis RULE #8:

You Must Find Opportunities for Angel Investing.

Angel investing is like IPO investing… on steroids.

It used to be something that only the wealthiest 0.1% could take part in.

But not anymore… IF you have the right connections.

National Institute for Cannabis Investors board member Danny Brody was an architect behind three of the largest cannabis IPOs in history.

Today, these companies are worth more than $1.6 billion.

And the angel investors who helped get them started…

They made as much as 42 times their money.

Just look at The Green Organic Dutchman.

If you were an investor when they IPO'ed, you could have made 231% in a little more than a month.

Now, rewind back about a year and a half when they were still privately held.

They sold shares to angel investors for 50 cents apiece. If you had gotten in then, you would have seen a 1,556% gain.

Here's another one.

Since its IPO, shares of Aurora Cannabis have risen as high as 1,947%.

That's a big profit…

About 20 times your money.

But the bigger profits were reserved for their angel investors.

One of their earliest angels was an electrician who had to be talked into backing this little-known, privately held cannabis startup.

His original investment is now worth tens of millions of dollars.

Imagine if YOU had been that electrician.

Well, next time, you could be!

One of the most exciting sections of the 2020 Pot Profits Roadmap is from pages 140 to 144. That's where it spells out how you can find opportunities to help you pile up massive wealth as an angel investor in this industry.

Cannabis RULE #9:

You Must Understand Complementary Businesses.

Whether through acquisition, partnership, or consolidation, new players are rushing to join the cannabis revolution every day… in any way they can.

And that could lead to rapid profits if you know where to strike right now.

Take Shopify for example.

It's the kind of company that nobody thinks of as being associated with the cannabis industry.

But they are. In a big way.

They're helping cannabis companies build payment solutions that stay compliant with local and national regulations.

It's one of the reasons their stock has delivered peak gains of 938%.

You'll love finding little-known, behind-the-scenes plays like this. And there are a lot more out there.

You just have to know where to look.

The 2020 Pot Profits Roadmap helps you identify these kinds of unusual market-sector opportunities that are poised to ride the coattails of the cannabis revolution to extreme profits.

For example, there's another leader in the CBD category we're watching closely for The Institute's members.

It has a huge variety of products and huge international exposure, and it's relatively cheap on a valuation basis.

It's already in all four major U.S. distribution channels. And it's more than doubling its capacity to meet the booming demand.

Plus, with a dominating presence in Japan, Australia, and Europe, it's primed for skyrocketing global growth.

The way it's growing, this stock won't be a bargain for long. You need to act fast if you don't want to miss out.

Everything you need to know is yours FREE with your 2020 Pot Profits Roadmap.

Cannabis RULE #10:

You Must Know How to Avoid Scams and Frauds.

Once legitimate companies started making real money for real people, the charlatans started coming out of the woodwork.

Take, for example, a tiny company called Praetorian Property.

Their business model consisted of buying run-down real estate in bad neighborhoods and then leasing it out to cannabis firms.

Praetorian went public in 2011.

In 2012, the stock started moving a little bit.

Then, in 2014, it mysteriously just shot up more than 135,000%.

But almost immediately after that – it collapsed.

We went digging and digging – and finally chalked up the meteoric rise and fall to some outside group pumping and dumping the stock.

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of suspicious moves like that.

And situations like these are the reasons that here at the National Institute for Cannabis Investors, we always look out for our members by stressing that on ANY investment, you should never invest more than you can afford to lose.

That's why pages 112 to 121 of the 2020 Pot Profits Roadmap give you specific guidelines that can help you avoid the troublemakers.

You'll just zero in on the real movers and shakers that can make you rich.

Folks, what you just saw is only a tiny peek at our 10 "Cannabis Rules" that can guide you to untold riches in the cannabis revolution.

And Today, We Want to Show You How to Get Your FREE Copy of This Priceless Guidebook!

Make no mistake…

Our 2020 Pot Profits Roadmap is like having a treasure map that guides you step by step, opportunity by opportunity through this groundbreaking industry.

Think we’re exaggerating?

Virtually every single day, we hear how the principles laid out in the 2020 Pot Profits Roadmap are making ordinary people just like you incredible sums of money.

Marcia Baily told us…

"I've made $6,000 in two months! Wahoo! Thanks!"

We all smiled when Glenn Jones practically screamed his delight…

"+66% in 3 weeks!"

 Timothy Maher reported…

"As of close yesterday, March 22, 2019, I'm up 131%!"

Dean Dennison told us…

"I try to invest at least $100 per week. I am very pleased that I have gained $1,095 since my first stock purchase on December 21, 2018."

This is newfound money that's enabling ordinary folks like you to do extraordinary things.

For example, Becky Welsh is traveling…

"I was up 93% on Charlotte’s Web Holdings, more than enough to pay for a family trip to Europe this summer!"

And one proud dad bought his son a car…

"I just cashed out of $11,000 profit and plan to purchase a used car for my boy when he graduates college this spring."

But nobody sums up the power of the 2020 Pot Profits Roadmap better than Rick Hoshkins, who got right to the point…

"In under a month, I made $44,958. I'm going to be a marijuana millionaire!"

Nothing Else in the World Is Specifically Made to Easily and Legally Navigate This Once-in-a-Lifetime Cannabis Opportunity.

Which is why the research alone is worth thousands of dollars.

In fact, the top financial research firms charge $3,000 to $7,000 for sector-related, deep-dive research and recommendations like you'll find in the 2020 Pot Profits Roadmap

But we're offering it to you for FREE when you accept a one-of-a-kind, wealth-building complement to this book.

I'm talking about…

A Risk-Free Invitation to Join Us as a Premier Member of the National Institute for Cannabis Investors.

As we speak, millions of Americans are hungry for credible information on cannabis-investing research.

Few people have any idea how this industry works or where it's headed.

That's what inspired us to launch the National Institute for Cannabis Investors.

First, we got all of the experts in the cannabis industry on the same team.

We invested millions of dollars into expanding our team of analysts and researchers.

Then, we went out and established an incredible board of cannabis experts from around the world.

John Vardaman is on it.

John was a senior lawyer in the Department of Justice for Presidents Bush and Obama. In 2014, he drafted the Cole Memo, which said the federal government won't go after states that legalize cannabis.

We have IPO expert Danny Brody, who you've already heard about.

Danny and his analysis of potential cannabis IPOs and angel investments play an integral role in what we're doing here at The Institute.

We also have Avtar Dhillon, the first chairman of the Cannabis Canada Association.

Dr. Dhillon is the former CEO of Inovio Pharmaceuticals and is a leading innovator in science, engineering, and farming enterprises. He brings more than 20 years of experience in building public companies through mergers and acquisitions to The Institute.

Dr. Michael Dor has signed on too.

Dr. Dor is the Senior Medical Advisor at the Israeli Ministry of Health's Medical Cannabis Unit. There, he's actively involved in improving the process of approval for cannabis treatments.

Tom Gentile is the newest member of our board.

Tom is one of the world's foremost authorities on stock, futures, and options trading. And for the last decade, Tom has been an angel investor and entrepreneur in the medical marijuana industry.

These are just a few of the top people in the cannabis industry who are proud to serve on the National Institute for Cannabis Investors' board.

As you can see, unlike opportunistic politicians, media talking heads, and so-called gurus, we're not "Johnny-come-latelys."

We've got decades of combined, real-world experience making money in all aspects of the cannabis revolution.

We Use Our Combined Experience to Bring Our Members the Absolute Best Research on the Most Lucrative Investment Opportunities in the Cannabis Industry.

In fact, our analysts unveiled our first list of the 30 best cannabis stocks to own way back before the U.S. election in 2016.

That's BEFORE recreational cannabis was legalized across all of Canada…

BEFORE even medical cannabis was legalized in Arkansas, Florida, North Dakota, West Virginia, Indiana, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Utah…

And BEFORE recreational cannabis was legalized in California, Nevada, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, Illinois, and Michigan.

Back then, hardly anybody else in the world could even FIND 30 cannabis stocks – let alone winners.

But in the months that followed, every single one of those stocks increased!

Not one single loser.

In fact, 17 of those 30 obscure stocks soared to triple-digit gains, including…

Let's stop for a second and let those numbers sink in.

If you took a flier on a measly $500 stake in Mentor Capital… it would have skyrocketed to $9,640.

Just a $1,000 investment could have put an extra $19,280 in your pocket.

And in just one year, every single $5,000 stake could have turned into more than $96,000.

The thing is, that's chicken feed compared to where analysts believe this market is heading.

Remember: While reviewing the "Cannabis Rules," we mentioned new opportunities we're recommending that our readers should consider targeting right now.

We've Put Together Special Reports on Five of the Hottest New Cannabis Opportunities Every Investor Should Have in Their Portfolio.

As a Premier member, we'll rush these reports to you immediately, giving you a jump start on these stocks BEFORE they take off…

Now, each of the companies in those reports – by themselves – has the potential to line your pockets with profits practically overnight.

And each report is packed with the complete details… along with step-by-step instructions… on how to position yourself for maximum potential gains.

Normally, this information is strictly reserved for our existing subscribers.


But you're going to get all five of those special reports… absolutely FREE.

It's all yours – in addition to your free copy of the 2020 Pot Profits Roadmap – when you sign up to try our National Institute for Cannabis Investors membership today.

And that's just the beginning of what you can expect as a Premier member of the National Institute for Cannabis Investors.

We Give You the Kind of Deep, Research-Driven Analysis That's Almost Impossible to Find Anywhere Else.

Most importantly, we use that information to give you straight talk on real-world risks and opportunities.

Now, to make sure you never miss out on the most lucrative opportunities, we're going to send you a new Cannabis Investment Package every month.

We take all the top-rated companies from our cannabis database and identify the best of the best.

This monthly package will be incredibly thorough.

It could be a firm with a new breakthrough treatment

A new cannabis tech play…

An emerging billion-dollar brand

Or maybe a new opportunity related to angel investing.

Your monthly investment package will give you all the research and details on the biggest cannabis opportunity we see at that time. So you can make a wise decision about whether or not you want to invest.

And we'll give you a streamlined set of instructions for making the investment.

Just follow along step by step.

Or follow along on video because…

Every Cannabis Investment Package we send you also comes with an interactive video presentation.

The Institute's head analyst personally walks you step by step through every chart, all the financials, and our projections for future returns.

We're going to show you exactly how we assess these opportunities… through our eyes.

We're going to be by your side the whole time as these investments develop.

And we're going to conquer this potentially $1 trillion industry together.

We're leveraging our board members' intelligence gathering – their business connections – and their political connections.

Every time there's an opportunity to make big money in cannabis, you'll hear about it first – before the rest of the world gets clued in.

And you'll hear it from the brightest CEOs and experts in the industry.

In fact, they'll conduct business pitches just for our members.

And they'll explain why you should consider investing in their companies.

Month after month, we'll have even more top CEOs in the cannabis industry making regular presentations.

Now, once you see these potential opportunities, you'll want to discuss them with other members.

That's why your National Institute for Cannabis Investors membership also includes privileged access to our exclusive NICI Network.

We set up the NICI Network so that you can create your own forums.

You can talk with other subscribers about the pitches or the deals outlined in the investment packages…

You can share your biggest wins…

And discuss other exciting new ways you can make money from cannabis.

Board members are going to be very active in this network too.

Every month, The Institute hosts a live, online Boardroom Meeting.

You can listen in as leaders in this industry exchange business ideas and present new opportunities.

The board will talk about the deals being worked on, political changes taking place, new players entering the market, and big mergers and acquisitions.

And if you have questions, you can submit them live, and we will answer the most popular ones.

Plus, every week, we're going to send you a Progress Report.

If there are new developments, mergers or acquisitions…

Anything you need to know… you'll be in the loop.

And every quarter, we'll mail you a comprehensive State of the Cannabis Industry dossier.

It will have a complete forecast and projections for each segment of the industry.

Now, we could recommend that you stay in some of these investments for weeks, months, even a year or longer.

But eventually, there will come an opportunity to cash out.

When that happens, we'll email you a Real-Time Profit Alert.

It's a set of simple, step-by-step instructions. Just follow along, and collect any profits you've earned.

If you want, we'll even send you a push notification from our very own NICI App when these emails are released.

Considering how fast some of these plays move, that can be critical to your success.

Take Tilray as an example. Just two months after their IPO in July of 2018, their stock jumped to peak gains of 1,392%.

And there were clear signs that this was the exit point.

If you'd waited until the next day to sell, you would have missed out on potentially thousands of dollars in profits.

So these push message alerts can be extremely profitable for you.

We also want to make this easy and accessible to everyone.

Look – we know that trying new things can be intimidating.

And that's especially true when it comes to investing in the exciting new cannabis industry.

So our team created a five-part online video training series.

We go in depth on each different segment of the industry…

We'll show you how to break down the market state by state and country by country…

We have videos covering the different types of cannabis products…

And we have videos showing you how to analyze a cannabis business plan and what to look for.

We Even Have Training for Folks Who Have Never Bought a Stock in Their Lives.

We'll demonstrate how you can select a brokerage account, deposit and withdraw funds, place trades – all the basics.

Now, there's still one more membership benefit.

Every year, we're going to host the National Institute for Cannabis Investors Retreat.

You and a guest will be able to attend.

You'll get to meet face to face with some of the biggest names in the industry.

This is very important.

This is also a perfect opportunity to network with your fellow members.

Deals get done behind closed doors…

So being in that room could be a game changer.

As you can see, we've pulled out all the stops.

We're doing everything we can to help you create the kind of wealth that lasts generations.

We've called in every favor we could and spent millions of dollars setting up The Institute…

Which is why it's not inexpensive to subscribe.

Down the Road, We Plan to Offer Regular Memberships for $599 a Year. That's More than a Fair Price for Everything You're Getting.

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So there's virtually NO RISK to you for joining.

In fact, the only risk you could take would be if you decide to pass up this membership opportunity.

Then, you'll definitely miss out on this chance to experience the unique profit opportunities and benefits that only the National Institute for Cannabis Investors can give our members.

Chris Hoversten told us The Institute was a real turning point for her portfolio…

"I am quite impressed with the results I've experienced since joining NICI. What I like even more is that I am now making money. I really like that part. NICI turned my portfolio around in a matter of weeks."

Tom Marle told us he's never seen anything like The Institute…

"I have been investing for almost 25 years. Made some money along the way but am BLOWN AWAY by the opportunity available to investors in the cannabis industry. Thanks for all your thorough research, your ability to put into laymen's terms how to enter this once-in–a-lifetime market and your passion for helping others."

Chris Green called her National Institute for Cannabis Investors membership the best ever…

"This is the best, by far, program that I have become a part of in the investing world to date, by far. And I have joined many that have been a total waste."

Bottom line: We've never seen an opportunity like the one cannabis presents to us today.

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P.S. If you have any subscription questions about the National Institute for Cannabis Investors and how it will work for you, we encourage you to contact our friendly, knowledgeable Customer Service team at 866.260.0361 or 410.777.8270 (international) and mention Priority Code: WCIRVADJ.

October 2019